Monday, June 21, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli warships, armored units bombard Palestinian camps and civilian neighborhoods in Beirut hours before Begin meets Reagan in Washington, hit USSR embassy, fashionable shopping area, hospital, near Commodore Hotel; Israeli and Syrian troops trade fire along highway, Israelis claim to de-stroy 4 Syrian tanks; artillery duels continue all day; WAFA says IDF attempting to push down hillsides toward 3 Palestinian camps, provoking response; massive IDF buildup continues as 70 Israeli tanks move toward Khalde; Israeli patrol ambushed outside Beirut.


Two Palestinian hospitals hit, killing 8, wounding 22; scores of casualties from Sabra and Burj al-Barajneh camps; mass graves in Sidon; 50,000 flee Beirut southward to escape expected fighting; high civilian casualties in Bekaa (possibly 1,200 dead) and Baalbek schools house 25,000 refugees; telephone lines in Bekaa cut by Israelis and many civilians attacked along highway by Israeli jets; at Aley, hotels are burned out, hospital hit by 4 Israeli bombs; many suffering from effects of cluster bombs; refugees begin returning to Ain el-Hilweh.

Israel says voluntary agencies can resume work in Lebanon; Israel withholding aid from civilian Palestinians; Eitan says prison camp to be set up in Lebanon for PLO members; ICRC asks to visit after being allowed to see 18 Syrian prisoners; Israel says Lebanese economy will take 6 months to one year to recover, says refinery, which supplies 40 percent of Lebanese oil needs, will be operational in 60 days.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon reportedly lobbying Israeli Cabinet for permission to storm Beirut; one of several MKs, visiting IDF in Beirut, says attack on PLO headquarters in Beirut "almost inevitable"; Begin tells US audiences the war in Lebanon is almost over, as Sharon says the IDF has not achieved all its objectives; 13 Israeli Cabinet ministers tour parts of Lebanon (Beaufort Castle; near Lake Karoun; Tyre; Sidon; outskirts of Beirut airport); El Al reports 15 percent slump in bookings as a result of the invasion; Begin encounters sharp criticism from US Congress, claims Israeli approach endorsed by Reagan.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Habib meets with Sarkis, Wazzan with Arafat; Arafat attacks US role in backing Israeli "slaughter"; PLO seeks to retain political presence in Lebanon; Salam calls on Reagan to keep IDF from attacking, and to give time for Arafat to persuade PLO militants to disarm; Lebanon says 1 1 Arab countries agree to attend summit on Lebanon; Danny Chamoun, son of Camille Chamoun, in New York says invasion "overdue," meets with administration figures.

Arab Governments: Syrian Cabinet meets on crisis; Arab and non-aligned countries consider convening emergency session of UN General Assembly, reach no decision.

US and Other Countries: Weinberger makes veiled criticism of Haig policies; State Department says UN resolution 509, demanding immediate Israeli withdrawal, no longer relevant; National Security Council reportedly disagrees with Haig's conciliatory attitude toward IDF invasion; Reagan reportedly supports Israeli demands for Syrian troop withdrawal and creation of demilitarized zone, does not take position on US troop involvement in peacekeeping force.