Thursday, November 25, 1982

Military Action:

Explosion in Beirut Shiite suburb of Shiyah kills 6, wounds 20, traps others in flames and debris, cause of blast unknown; US Marines enjoy Thanksgiving meal in Beirut, despite anonynmous bomb threat phone call; Israeli Border Police company which lost 35 members in Tyre building collapse to return to normal duties in Tyre; IDF completes program to improve security of IDF vehicles on Lebanese highways.


Palestinian refugees in South Lebanon spurn Israeli-made prefab houses.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Haaretz and Jerusalem Post quote source close to Begin that he may call new elections if Commission of Inquiry faults him for negligence of duty; Commission spokesman clarifies that warnings are not interim findings but represent only "worst case" scenario, notes others may subsequently receive similar warnings; Habib presents new proposals to Begin on starting Lebanon-Israel peace talks; Jerusalem Post poll shows marked increase in Israeli opposition to Reagan plan; Israel and US sign agreement on exchanging lessons of Lebanon war; 16 Bethlehem organizations not receiving Jordanian subsidies join notables in signing statement rejecting US initiative and its "Jordanian" interpretation, seen as response to pro-Jordanian West Bank leaders' document urging PLO recognition of Israel and praising "positive elements" of Reagan proposals; Deputy Agriculture Minister lays cornerstone of Nofim, first Samaria settlement to be developed entirely by a private company.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat opens meeting of 66-member PLO Central Council seeking united stand on Reagan plan, adopts new membership roll for PNC expanding representation from occupied territories; PLO official denounces US refusal to allow Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish to enter US for UNICEF poetry festival in New York; Lebanese officials say proposals given Begin ask IDF and Syrian forces to withdraw nine miles from Beirut-Damascus highway as first phase, Israelis would then move back to 25- 31 miles from Israeli border as Syrians withdraw into Bekaa from central mountain areas; Lebanese government announces team to negotiate with Israelis to be headed by Gen. Hamdan, including UN Ambassador Ghassan Tueni and Gemayel aide Antoine Fattal; Lebanese government plans to draft men into army for first time.

Arab Governments: Egyptian President Mubarak, at joint press conference with French President Mitterrand, urges PLO to recognize Israel without waiting for simultaneous Israeli recognition of PLO, says move would assist Reagan peace plan, allow PLO to dialog with US; Mitterrand says Israel should state mutual recognition of PLO.

US and Other Countries: US State Department denies Tuesday talks with West Bank Palestinian mayors is beginning of indirect talks with PLO; Italian Socialists reaffirm reciprocal, simultaneous recognition between Israel and PLO necessary for recognizing PLO.