Sunday, November 28, 1982

Military Action:

100 Lebanese Army soldiers, with army insignia removed from uniforms, return in trucks and seize drugs valued at $250,000, including all antibiotics, from Gaza Hospital; Italian reporter is threatened with violence unless film turned over to participating soldier; hospital director accuses Army of trying to drive Palestinians out of Lebanon; French troops look on, do nothing; landmine explosion under IDF APC near Bhamdoun, journalists on route to scene fired on by Phalange.


3 IDF, 1 journalist wounded near Bhamdoun.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Cabinet drops demand for Lebanon talks to be held at ministerial level, but still insist delegations be headed by civilians, meetings held in Jerusalem and Beirut, negotiations include political issues; Danish Foreign Minister Jensen, speaking for EEC at end of 1-day visit to Israel, criticizes Israel as inflexible for not accepting Reagan proposals and for continuing West Bank settlements; Sharon appoints Shlomo Illia head of West Bank Civil Administration; Civil Administration says clergy will not have to sign revised work permit with anti-PLO pledge; 3 Israeli Arabs arrested for hoisting Palestinian flag in Arrabeh village in Galilee.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat meets with King Hussein, resumes talks on joint strategy concerning occupied territories; Hussein, in gesture of reconciliation, opens first meeting of PLO Higher Council for Education since relocating to Jordan from Beirut; Phalange chief Fady Frem, in talk on 46th anniversary of Phalange Party, calls for peace with Israel.

Arab Governments: Habib arrives in Cairo, confers with Foreign Minister Hassan Ali on proposals for troop withdrawal from Lebanon; Arab League delegation cancels London trip to protest British refusal to receive PLO representative.

US and Other Countries: Draper meets with key Israeli officials before Cabinet meeting; US Senator Henry Jackson says Israel is only "credible ally" in Mideast.