Monday, October 4, 1982

Military Action:

4 IDF jets hit Syrian and PLO targets in Bekaa for first time since September 13 (1 SAM-9 missile battery destroyed at Dar el-Baideh along Beirut-Damascus Highway, targets at Ain Dara and Dhour Shweir hit; Syrian jets do not engage IDF jets); IDF sets up roadblocks near Aley, tightens regulation enforcement (cars may no longer drive alone through capital's suburbs), places forces on high alert.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Cabinet meets in emergency session, discusses military options, disagreement continues concerning withdrawal; US Jewish leaders in New York criticize Shamir for rejecting Reagan plan; "crisis of confidence" reported between army high command and Sharon; Draper arrives in Israel for talks with Begin on recent Habib visit to Syria; Daniel Timmerman, son of Argentine dissident and exile Jacobo Timmerman, goes to prison rather than do reserve duty in Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel names Wazzan to head new government (seen as concession to Muslim leaders after secret weekend talk with Saeb Salam); Wazzan says all militias will be disbanded, favors "special status" for remaining Palestinian civilians but will take up issue with PLO.

US and Other Countries: US deplores Israeli attack on Bekaa; US vows to leave International Telegraph Union (meeting in Nairobi) if Algerian proposal to expel Israel from 157-member body is passed; for first time in over 20 years, China allows 2 Israeli professors with Israeli passports to enter the People's Republic.