Thursday, October 21, 1982

Military Action:

Cease-fire continues to hold in Druze villages as Lebanese Army moves in; home rotation of Marines in Lebanon may be delayed.


Israel faults Lebanese government in delaying erection of tents for refugees.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Najah University President Munzer Salah expelled from West Bank after refusing to sign anti-PLO pledge; Israeli Electricity Co. to cut power to Hebron claiming municipality has not paid bill, but Acting Major Mustafa Natshe claims Israeli authorities created deficit by withholding revenues and not paying bills owed Hebron by Israeli-run municipalities.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO delegate will not attend Arab Foreign Ministers' meeting with Reagan; in Italy, Gemayel meets the Pope who endorses call for withdrawal of all foreign troops; Gemayel asks Italian President Pertini to strengthen peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

US and Other Countries: US insists Arabs must join Israel for direct talks in statement as Arab League delegation arrives in Washington; France announces delegation charged with coordinating French reconstruction work to visit Lebanon starting Nov. 2.

UN: France expresses opposition to explusion of Israel.