Sunday, October 31, 1982

Military Action:

Syrians fire two anti-aircraft missiles at IAF jets overflying Bekaa, both miss, Israeli military command accuses Syria of cease-fire violations; plans to deploy 1,800 Lebanese Army soldiers in East Beirut delayed by tensions in Chouf area; new fighting flares before IDF reimposes curfew; fighting in Aley erupts day after Druze militiamen ambush Lebanese Army soldiers; artillery battles break out after gunmen fire on car in village of Kaifoun; gunbattles continue in village of Souk el-Gharb; IDF jeep comes under fire in village of Bchamoun; explosion in West Beirut flat kills 2, wounds 8; Sidon placed under tight IDF control following 2 attacks on IDF soldiers in past week, allegedly by newly-formed Lebanese National Patriotic Front.


One Lebanese Army soldier killed, 3 wounded in ambush; some Palestinians released from Answar have been rearrested in past few days; 6 Israeli soldiers captured by PLO are interviewed by ICRC team in camp near Barr Elias in eastern Bekaa.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir warns that Syrian missile attacks may delay withdrawal of foreign forces; Meridor says Israel willing to make political commitment to welfare of Palestinian refugees in upcoming negotiations with Lebanese, will seek guarantee that Lebanese will not tear down houses built by refugees who lost their homes in the fighting; Mapam leader Shemtov says PLO willingness to dialogue with Israel should not be ignored; Israeli Cabinet says Israel will agree to negotiate Taba issue only if Egypt resumes talks on all outstanding issues between two countries and ends diplomatic freeze; Israeli Ambassador to US Moshe Arens proposes 6-month moratorium on new settlements, but Begin rejects request and Arens is heavily criticized in Jerusalem; Drori testifies that he did not know of hundreds of civilian deaths until Saturday afternoon, yet feared mass civilian killings by Phalange, may have been told of Eitan decision to let Phalange enter camps only at time Phalange learned of it, and says Phalange asked IDF for tractors, were given one with IDF markings removed.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Information Minister Roger Shikhani warns press of need for "wisdom" in deciding what they print to avoid imposition of censorship; Lebanese Cabinet endorses plan to use existing military liaison committee for future talks, expanded to include at least one civilian legal expert and US representatives; PLO's Abu Jihad says PLO will not withdraw until IDF does first and Lebanese Government signs written guarantee of safety of civilians, says US guarantee no longer reliable after massacre, PLO uninterested in Draper negotiations and will deal with Lebanese separately, would like to retain PLO military presence in Lebanon, perhaps through Lebanese PLA unit; PLO official Khalid al-Hassan, in New York, says establishment of Palestinian state a prerequisite to PLO acceptance of US peace plan.

Arab Governments: Egypt asks Israel to delay opening of luxury hotel at Taba.