Thursday, April 21, 1983

Military Action:

Fighting between IDF and unidentified guerrilla forces near Sofar on Beirut-Damascus highway; IDF on increased state of alert in response to stepped up Syrian activities; Haddad's army reportedly operational within next two weeks, will begin replacing IDF units in South Lebanon.


2 IDF officers, 4 guerrillas killed in Sofar fighting; US embassy says 15 Americans killed and 2 others missing, 17 Lebanese employees killed, 13 others missing, in bomb attack; police release 5 persons held in connection with embassy bombing.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Cabinet and opposition demands grow for IDF pull-back in Lebanon to 30 miles north of Israel's border, IDF reportedly has detailed contingency plans ready; trial begins in Ramallah military court of 5 Palestinians accused of stoning death of Israeli woman, membership in illegal organization, incitement of schoolchildren, other charges.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Executive Committee meets in Tunis; tripartite talks continue in Khalde, Habib meets President Gemayel.

Arab Governments: Syria reportedly willing to modify opposition to Reagan plan if US supports Israeli withdrawal from Golan as well as West Bank; commercial airline flights between Damascus and Beirut suspended.