Sunday, August 7, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery and rocket duels spread to a dozen Chouf villages over Saturday night; IDF line across South Lebanon will consist of string of static forts, within eye contact of each other, supplemented by look-out posts, roadblocks, mobile patrols, and sophisticated electronic equipment.


Car bomb at entrance to fruit and vegetable market in Baalbek kills 33, injures 125, 15 buildings damaged or destroyed, Front for Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners claims responsibility; demonstrations against continuing IDF occupation occur in dozens of villages in Sidon area; Lebanese security officials estimate that 400-500 people, mostly civilians, have died in car bombings and other random violence since end of last summer's invasion; total IDF killed since June 1982 now 506.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 7 more Birzeit students sentenced to prison for 18 months, one for 24 months for participating in July 27 demonstration; Arens meets six prominent Palestinians in Hebron.

Arab Governments: Assad has 6-hour meeting with McFarlane, Syrian position unchanged; McFarlane travels to Saudi Arabia.