Tuesday, December 27, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Postal workers strike for improved benefits and working conditions. Death penalty conferred on 2 Palestinian men, Maher & Karim Yunis, convicted of killing Israeli soldier in 1980; families maintain confessions were extracted by torture. 6 mo. town arrest order imposed on Khaled Qidra Abd al- Hadi, Deputy General Secretary of Gaza Lawyers Union.

Arab World: Arafat meets with Fateh Central Committee in Sana'a, YAR. Cease-fire called in Beirut; after 3 days fighting, about 60 (mainly Lebanese and Palestinian civilians) killed, 150 wounded. Egyptian foreign affairs advisor says US should open talks with Arafat, calling him "a voice of reason and moderation."

Other Countries: US State Dep't. assails Soviet cut in Jewish emigration as "an unmitigated act of evil."