Friday, February 11, 1983

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon submits resignation as Defense Minister; spokesman for Prime Minister's office says Sharon can remain in Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio; Sharon says there was a reshuffle of portfolios, I am still in the Cabinet, Begin did not fire me, tells Bar Association that determination of "indirect responsibility" will be stamped as a mark of Cain on our foreheads; Sharon aide Uri Dan says those who do not accept him as Defense Minister will have to accept him as Prime Minister; 10,000 attend Haifa funeral of Peace Now member, Emil Grunzweig, killed by grenade outside Cabinet meeting; two moshavim reported to have set up dormitory facilities for workers from West Bank and Gaza; Israeli government expresses formal displeasure to Vatican over continuing anti-Israeli activities of Archbishop Hilarion Capucci.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO spokesman in Algiers says Reagan plan contains some positive elements and will be debated at forthcoming PNC meeting; President Gemayel meets with Habib, discusses new US proposals, reportedly calling for 3 stage withdrawal over ten week period and doubling size of MNF.

US and Other Countries: Religious delegation from Kiryat Arba arrives in US to explain new Jewish Agency project aimed at bringing 1000 families from US to Israel as settlers this summer; article in Foreign Policy magazine by Defense Editor of Israeli newpaper Ha'aretz states that US had advance knowledge of Israeli invasion of Lebanon and effectively gave Israel green light.