Thursday, February 17, 1983

Military Action:

Syria reportedly backing former Lebanese army officer Lieutenant Ahmed al-Khatib to establish garrisons in Bekaa Valley; IDF tries to disarm UNIFIL convoy at roadblock near Khalde.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Military tribunal finds that orders by former commander of Hebron area to drive people from their homes, beat them, shoot solar heaters and break watches, were illegal, but that orders for strong treatment of troublemakers were generally consistent with law; 4 of 7 soldiers on trial are convicted of beating and brutally attacking Palestinians; 4,000 Israelis commemorate Peace Now activist killed by grenade during anti-Begin demonstrations; bomb explodes outside West German embassy in Tel Aviv on 50th anniversary of Hitler's rise to power; Labor Party chairman Peres says a Likud-Alignment government of national unity is not realistic; under guard of Israeli border police and army, 2,000 Palestinians rally in village of Habla in support of Village League position favoring Camp David accords.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: In speech at PNC meeting, PFLP head Habash calls for outright rejection of Reagan plan, renewal of armed struggle, close alliance with Syria and Soviet Union, and need for unity of PLO.

Arab Governments: 50 to 60 banking institutions in the Arab world, including banks owned by American, European and Japanese interests, are reportedly boycotting the Swift international system for monetary transfers because 10 Israeli banks have joined the system.

UN: British Ambassador tells Security Council that a freeze on Israeli West Bank settlements is imperative.