Monday, February 21, 1983

Military Action:

MNF units assist Lebanese Army and civil defense forces in rescue operations for civilians trapped by severe blizzard, responsible for at least 38 deaths.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Secret Appendix B to Commission of Inquiry Report said to detail Sharon visit to Gemayel family after assassination of Bashir, including discussion on need for the Phalangists to take revenge; Jerusalem police arrest three men on charges of harassing Peace Now demonstrators during February 10 march.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat, in speech to PNC, supports endorsement of Fez plan, says Reagan plan is not enough but to turn it down flatly would deprive the PLO of its links with the US and of sources of badly needed financial aid; PNC Political Committee decides that Reagan plan is not acceptable as basis for just solution of Palestine problem, endorses Fez plan, gives no mandate to Jordan to negotiate on behalf of PLO, approves concept of eventual confederation between independent Palestinian state and Jordan, approves contacts with democratic and progressive forces in Egypt and with Mubarak government, and with democratic and progressive Israelis advocating establishment of an independent Palestinian state, decides to merge all PLO armed forces into single PNLA with unified command structure.

Arab Governments: Arab League mission to visit Britain around mid-March; King Hussein, in UK on private visit, has working lunch with Prime Minister Thatcher.