Saturday, January 1, 1983

Military Action:

IDF vehicle ambushed near Kfar Sil; shelling between Aitat and Souk el-Gharb in morning, sniping during afternoon between Druze and Phalange forces, which IDF makes no attempt to stop; rocket, artillery and rifle exchanges in Tripoli between pro and anti-Syrian forces.


2 IDF wounded in ambush; 30 killed in Tripoli; heavy rains cause flooding in Beirut refugee camps.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Some Negev Bedouin from Tel Malhata remain past December 31 deadline for evacuation from their land due to proposed new air force base of Nevatim; restriction order on Ibrahim Dakkak, chair of the West Bank Engineer's Association, renewed for third 6 month period; year-old restriction order on Abed Abu Diab of the Jerusalem Electric Company, renewed another year; art exhibit opens in west Jerusalem, featuring prominent Palestinian and progressive Israeli artists.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: 18th anniversary of Fateh celebrated in Algiers; Palestinian women and children place wreaths on graves in cemetery in Beirut and march through camp; Lebanese Army harasses journalists trying to cover march; Walid Jumblatt and Nabih Berri demand disarming of Phalange.

US and Other Countries: Cardinal Terence Cooke celebrates mass with US Marines in Beirut.