Thursday, January 6, 1983

Military Action:

IDF moves 2 convoys of tanks, APCs, heavy armor, from South Lebanon to cease-fire line in Bekaa; Lebanese Army seals off and searches southern Beirut suburbs from Bourj al-Barajneh to Lailaki; fighting continues in Bab Mohsen and Bab el-Tabbaneh areas of Tripoli.


9 killed in Tripoli; 40-50 detained by Lebanese Army.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli, Lebanese and US negotiators meet at Kiryat Shemona, fail to agree on draft agenda proposed by US delegate Draper; Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan says Soviet SA-5 missiles in Syria are not a military threat, but of major political significance, as could be manned by Soviet personnel, and confirms that Syria is undergoing intense military expansion to have 2 additional armored divisions by 1984, all its artillery self-propelled, most tanks to be T-72s, more commando battalions; President Navon in Washington, says consensus within Israel is opposed to Palestinian state and returning to 1967 borders; Yesh Gvul ("There's A Limit") demonstration in front of Defense Ministry demands rights for conscientious objectors and freedom for those in jail; Costa Rican Minister of Public Security Angel Edmondo Solano Calderon and wife visit Israel as guests of Defense Minister Sharon; Kiryat Arba local council tears down 4 electricity poles providing electricity to 25 Palestinian families, claiming land is allocated to Givat Harsina settlement; military authorities close Nablus technical school for I week; American Principal of Ramallah Friends Girls School summoned by military governor, but refuses (along with 4 US teachers) to sign work permit containing anti-PLO clause.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat says in interview he will set up government in exile once the US recognizes the Palestinians' right to self-determination; Lebanese militia and political leaders meet in Tripoli to try to stop fighting.

US and Other Countries: Actress Elizabeth Taylor in Israel on a mission of peace and understanding decides not to go to Lebnon as Lebanese Government cannot guarantee her security, but Saad Haddad goes to Tel Aviv to meet Taylor.