Monday, June 6, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery fire between rival militias in Chouf mountains.


General strike in most Muslim-dominated areas of Lebanon marks first anniversary of Israeli invasion; demonstrations in Nabatieh and Rashidieh camp; one man killed in exchange of fire between townships south of Beirut; detainees at Ansar continue protest, burn 20 tents.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Labor Party calls for judicial inquiry into government's handling of Lebanon war; Deputy PM Ehrlich says Sharon gave inaccurate information to Cabinet to justify military operations.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Fateh rebels want formation of provisional committee, election of new leaders; Arafat meets Saudi leaders in Jeddah; Habash seeks support for end to armed confrontations, settlement of Fateh dispute by Central Committee and senior PLO leaders; Lebanese FM travels to Washington for talks with Reagan, Shultz.

Arab Governments: Syrian official says Shultz will not be welcome in Damascus; efforts to mediate PLO dispute made in Damascus by Algerian President Benjedid and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.