Friday, June 10, 1983

Military Action:

IDF patrol attacked northeast of Tyre; 2 APCs and checkpoint near Sidon attacked.


3 IDF soldiers killed, 7 wounded, 1 captured in Lebanese National Resistance Front (LNRF) attack near Tyre, 250 suspects held; IDF releases some Lebanese civilians arrested during past 2 weeks; explosion in Baalbek kills Lebanese security chief of Popular Struggle Front, support- ing anti-Arafat forces in PLO; PLO places 6 IDF prisoners in solitary confinement after 3 prisoners at Ansar killed by guards, IDF denies deaths.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon calls for commission to investigate Cabinet activity and decisions during Lebanon war.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Jumblatt says there can be no reconciliation with Christians unless major constitutional changes occur.

Arab Governments: Qadhafi meets King Hussein in Amman.

US and Other Countries: Reagan tells ADL meeting US will be rock of support for Israel, calls on American Jewish leaders to support his Central American policy against same forces that are destabilizing the Middle East: the Soviet Union, Libya and the PLO, working hand in glove with Cuba.