Monday, March 28, 1983

Military Action:

IDF patrol attacked with bazooka fire east of Beirut.


1 IDF soldier killed, 2 injured, bringing total IDF casualties since PLO evacuation to 126 killed, 212 wounded; special envoy of Austrian Chancellor Kreisky meets PLO officials in Damascus to discuss Israeli-PLO prisoner exchange.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Ibna' al-Balad (Sons of the Village) activist in Umm al-Fahm placed under 6-month house arrest for fifth time in last 3 years; 250 Druze (about 2%) in Golan Heights have accepted Israeli citizenship; youths in West Bank village of Burka throw stones at police superintendent's car; car of Israeli police chief in Nablus badly damaged by stones; Health Ministry finds no traces of poison at schools, suggests possibility of psychosomatic illness with symptoms of mass hysteria; IDF helicopters fly medical teams to jenin after renewed outbreak of symptoms of illness, hospitalization overnight of further 70-80 cases; AI-Fajr Jenin correspondent arrested.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat travels to Baghdad, meets with Iraqi foreign minister, other officials; Habib returns to Beirut, meets Gemayel.

Arab Governments: Jordanian foreign minister meets with Farouk Kaddoumi in Amman; Jordan confirms that US has promised it will act to obtain freeze on Israeli settlements and will accept expelled West Bank mayors in joint Jordanian-Palestinian negotiating team if Hussein declares his intention to join peace talks; Saudi foreign minister returns for second meeting with King Hussein.