Thursday, May 5, 1983

Military Action:

4 hours of artillery and rocket barrages between Phalange and Druze militias over 20 mile arc from Chouf to Junieh, Beirut suburbs worst hit since last summer; helicopter carrying US Marine commander fired on, no injuries; artillery and rocket battles in Tripoli between pro- and anti-Syrian militias; Gemayel orders Lebanese Army and Air Force to attack and silence any positions firing on Beirut; IDF officers in Bekaa say Syrian military activity in the area is defensive, no signs of preparation for attack.


6-7 killed, 25-34 injured in artillery barrages in Chouf and Beirut; 1 IDF soldier killed, 9 injured by artillery shell near convoy; 1 killed, 4 wounded in Tripoli; American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee resumes shipments of cement to assist in reconstruction of refugee camps in South Lebanon.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli officials seek clarification of points in draft troop withdrawal agreement, special envoys Habib and Draper answer questions at Foreign Ministry; Chaim Herzog sworn in as president of Israel, says that political and ethnic tensions among Israeli Jews constitute a danger from within; 500 Arab college and high school students demonstrate in Nazareth against discriminatory recommendations for university tuitionfee policy; Nablus court issues 6 more injunctions preventing private company from preparing land for Elkana D settlement near Bidya; Jerusalem resident, beaten by yeshiva students while rescuing elderly woman last month, hospitalized in serious condition after being beaten again; physician and lawyer in Ramallah jailed after their offices searched by Israeli tax collectors seeking retroactive payment of value added tax, boycotted by West Bank professionals and merchants.

Arab Governments: Jordanian official says there are no prospects for the resumption of political dialogue between King Hussein and PLO Chairman Arafat on a joint stand to enter peace process; Syrian President Assad visits Riyadh, meets King Fahd; Ba'ath Party official says that after Syria's heavy sacrifices it has the right to discuss, take issue with and even oppose particular PLO action, criticizes Arafat for treating all Arab states alike.

US and Other Countries: US lifts unofficial ban on Navy ships visiting Israel, supply ship USS Savannah docks at Haifa to replenish stocks of Sixth Fleet ships anchored off Beirut; Jewish businessmen in Virginia form political action committee (PAC) to back pro-Israeli candidates; National Association of Arab Americans' spokesman says 24 PACs have been formed by pro-Israeli, Jewish American activists, NAAA considers forming PACs as well.