Saturday, September 10, 1983

Military Action:

Heavy fighting continues for 7th day in Chouf; PSP forces attack Deir al-Qamar, move toward cutting coastal road; LAF positions around Beirut come under artillery fire; Beirut radio reports PLO Yarmouk Brigade has joined battle against LAF at Suq al-Gharb.


50-64 Christians reportedly killed in al-Bireh, 250 flee to town of Jezzine, PSP denies massacre.

Politicial Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Cease-fire proposals, mediated by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, under discussion with Jumblatt and Syrian Foreign Minister Khaddam in Damascus.

US and Other Countries: Shultz says US and other MNF states have rejected Gemayel request to increase troop commitment, move into Chouf, occupy positions abandoned by IDF.