Tuesday, September 13, 1983

Military Action:

1200 LAF troops resist 4 assaults by PSP militia at Souq al-Gharb; fighting between LF and PSP militias continues south of Beirut around Mishref, Barja and Saadiyat; British jets fly reconnaissance missions; grenades thrown at Haddad militia office in South Lebanon; rocket fired at IDF position north of Tyre; IDF commando unit lands on beach near Tripoli, fires mortars at PLO positions.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Arens says Lebanese Druze have responsibility to prevent PLO forces from participating in Chouf battles or approaching IDF lines along Awali river.

US and Other Countries: Marines in Lebanon are authorized to call on US naval and air power to assist LAF and other MNF units if they are being attacked in a way that endangers Marines.