Wednesday, September 21, 1983

Military Action:

Fighting continues around Souq al-Gharb, with anti-government forces, reportedly including Hitten and Yarmouk brigades of PLA, using tanks and smokescreens; artillery and rocket fire hits Yarze and Baabda areas; US ships fire salvos for third consecutive day; Gemayel tours LAF positions along Souq al-Gharb-Kaifun ridge.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Shamir, with majority in Knesset, is invited to form new government, extends invitation to Labor Alignment to join government of national unity; Sharon calls on US to send Marines into Chouf, use naval and air power to stop Druze forces, send warning to Syria and Soviet Union; Israeli acting mayor cancels Hebron council's successful petition to High Court for injunction against expansion of Jewish settlements in town's center.

US and Other Countries: Reagan says Marines' participation in MNF is absolutely crucial to ending Soviet-sponsored aggression against Lebanon; House Appropriations Committee votes 20-16 to cut off funds for Marines in MNF on December 1 unless Reagan invokes War Powers Act.