Thursday, September 29, 1983

Military Action:

Sniper fire continues around LAF base at Souq al Gharb; IDF position in Beqaa fired on from position near Kamed e-Loz; Israeli gunboats reportedly seize Cypriot ship bound for Tripoli, arrest 25 Palestinians on board.


Beirut airport reopens; MEA reports loss of $13.7 million during 32 days of airport closure; IDF bulldozes house of family of suspected guerrilla in Ain al-Hilweh camp; relief agency workers report 3 other houses destroyed in Burj alShemali camp near Tyre on September 12, average of 50 Palestinians arrested weekly by IDF.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Cease-fire security committee holds second meeting, agrees to avoid shelling of airport.

US and Other Countries: Senate approves resolution invoking War Powers Act and authorizing 18-month Marine deployment by 54-46 vote, House agrees to accept Senate bill by vote of 253-156.