Tuesday, April 3, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Yesh Gvul movement requests investigation of bank information leak when MK Ronni Milo charges $5,000 donated by the "leftist and anti-Israel" Presbyterian Church. IDF reserve corporal Marcello Weksler gets 2 weeks in jail for refusing service in Lebanon. (Weksler is 124th refusenik jailed.) A decision based on BritishMandate Defense (Emergency) Regulations (1945) to ban without explanation Arabic bi-weekly al-Masira upheld by Israeli High Court.

Arab World: Syrian and Israeli forces begin build-up in western sector of Beqaa Valley. IDF closes 4 Awali River crossings. 7 Israelis wounded in grenade attack near Nabatiya; 3 wounded by explosive charges at Litani River bridge. DFLP demands return of men responsible for Jerusalem shoot-out (4/3/84) in exchange for release of IDF PoW held for 1 year.