Tuesday, February 7, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Karp report criticizing Israeli law enforcement practices toward Arabs in West Bank made public; report reveals Jewish settlers who kill West Bank Palestinians enjoy high degree of immunity from police investigation. Israeli gov't. announces no intention of intervening to salvage Gemayel presidency in Beirut, in spite of reported pleas from Phalange emissaries. Interior Ministry official attacks Jerusalem Mayor Kollek for accusing political motives behind gov't. refusal to approve 5 replacement generators for Arab-owned Jerusalem Electric Co. Spokesman for Council of Jewish Settlements ("Judea & Samaria") reveals IDF commander Aluf Ori Orr instructed settlers not to cooperate with civilian police after attacks on Arabs. PM Shamir and US amb. Lewis meet for urgent talks on LAF setback. Gaza-Majdal Road checkpoints withdrawn by Israel, thereby removing only visible demarkation of 1948 border.

Other Countries: US Pres. Reagan announces plan to withdraw Marines from Beirut to warships offshore. European Parliament Pres. Dankert, speaking to Knesset, suggests Israel coordinate efforts with Morocco and Tunisia to protect agricultural exports to Europe if Spain and Portugal admitted to EEC.