Friday, February 10, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Representatives from UNRWA and 17 West Bank refugee camps meet in Aqbat Jabr camp near Jericho to discuss youth programs.

Other Countries: Spain's Dep. PM Guerra dispels speculation of possible diplomatic relations with Israel; says conditions for relations include Israel's guaranteed borders, withdrawal from Lebanon and recognition of Palestinian rights to homeland. Britain proposes 50-man UN force to monitor Beirut's "Green Line." Mubarak arrives in Paris for talks with Pres. Miterrand; leaders examine possible resurrection of UN Resolution 242 with amendment calling for mutual and simultaneous Israel-PLO recognition.


Arab World: Red Cross 707 with urgent medical supplies for Lebanese hospitals turned back from Beirut airport after Christian militia threatens to shoot it down. 6 Israeli Kfir jets attack Bhamdoun, Mansuriya and Baalchmay in Lebanon; at least 2 killed, several buildings damaged; Israel claims retaliation for Palestinian Katyusha attack on Metulla.