Thursday, February 16, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Arab local councils in the Triangle and Galilee strike for 2 hours to demonstrate their severe fiscal problems. Ramallah lawyer Shukri Aboudi fined IS50,000 and given 6-month jail term on charges of membership in illegal organization.

Arab World: Gemayel informs opponents he will annul May 17 agreement in exchange for their participation in reconciliation talks.

Other Countries: King Hussein flies to London for talks with PM Thatcher and FM Howe. Chairman Arafat nominated for post of rector of Glasgow University by students, election March 5.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jewish settlers break into home of 84-year-old Tulkarm man; chop off his finger when he refuses to sign over property to Israeli buyers.

Arab World: Advancing Druze militia discover 117 Druze corpses in Kfar Matta, S. Lebanon, massacred by Christian Phalange militia in 1983. Israeli tanks patrol north-coast highway to Damour demonstrating support for Phalangist takeover there. Israel-backed death-squad kills Shi'ite leader, Raghib Harb, while walking home in Jabsheet near Nabatiya.