Wednesday, February 22, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 4 Israeli Cabinet ministers oppose continued IDF forays north of Awali River line at risk of Israeli involvement in factional fighting. DM Arens sharply criticizes LAF performance against Druze and Shi'ite militias; justifies forays to north as defense against "terrorist infiltration." Representatives of Arab local councils meet in Shefa Amr; protest to gov't. and Histadrut increasing number of dismissal notices served Arab workers.

Other Countries: US suspends shipment of 130 armed personnel carriers to Lebanon, may not sell 35 tanks already planned. Israeli Industry and Trade Minister visits Bucharest for talks aimed at doubling Israeli exports to Rumania. US physicist Sam Cohen, veteran of Los Alamos atom-bomb project, proposes impregnable radiation barrier, or "nuclear wall" for Israeli borders to "end the tragedy of war in the Middle East." Reagan admin. clarifies stand against moving US-Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Arab World: Christian Phalange officers confirm Israel promised regular army patrols to aid in fighting back Druze and Shi'ites