Tuesday, January 17, 1984


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Israeli military court in Nablus sentences Nayef Sweitat to 9 mos. prison on charges of contact with PLO. Israeli National Insurance Institute releases figures indicating 10% of Israel's population lives below poverty level. Brigadier Shlomo Ilya, head of Israeli "civil administration" in West Bank, resigns in connection with military police investigation of corruption. Israel government workers stage warning strike in support of wage increases; public services, including radio and television broadcasts disrupted. High Court order nisi challenges Gaza military court decision to demolish 24 Palestinian homes in Jabaliya refugee camp.

Arab World: Several leaders of Palestine Liberation Front in Damascus reportedly kidnapped by rival members of PLF.


Arab World: Villages from Iqlim al- Kharrub to Souq al-Gharb resist LAF mass arrests and imposition of "mourning curfew" by IDF forces after Saad Haddad's death.