Friday, March 23, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 2 former Ansar prisoners Ghassan Zeidan & Mohammed Yunis held in Atlit prison submit habeus corpus petitions to High Court that Israel violated Nov. exchange agreement for their release. 3 Black Americans (2 bishops and 1 journalist) detained at Lydd airport because of skin color; no official apology offered; Tourism Ministry spokesman Shoshani explains Blacks singled out as part of "security check."

Arab World: PFLP-DFLP Joint Command, Palestine Liberation Front and Palestine Communist Party meet in Aden to discuss unification and revitalization of PLO.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Mutilated and decapitated body of Bilal Jamal Najjar, Najah U. student who disappeared (3/11/84), and was last seen in Israeli prison, found near Majdal Fadel village.