Wednesday, May 2, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Labor candidate Peres tells World Jewish Congress that Camp David not only basis for negotiations between Israel and Jordan. Peace Now members end conference with decision to follow Labor Party platform in July elections. Israel Discount Bank announces 1983 loss of $17.2 million.

Arab World: Lebanese cabinet holds inauguration mtg. in absence of National Salvation Front leaders Berri, Jumblatt and Abdullah Rassi.

Other Countries: Israel asks US help in securing return of 3 Israelis seized yesterday in Syrian-held territory in Lebanon; claims they are diplomats. Before US Senate Appropriations Com., US amb. to UN Kirkpatrick slams criticism of Israel in Security Council. Addressing B'nai B'rith Caribbean District convention in Panama City, Costa Rican Pres. Monge responds to int'l. criticism for moving embassy to Jerusalem, vowing not to "give in to diplomatic terrorism."

Military Action:

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 2 IDF-trained Kiryat Arba settlers arrested in connection with 4/27/84 bombing plot confess to attack on Hebron Islamic College where 4 Arab students were killed and 33 wounded; 3rd man reportedly sought. Arab World: Syria reports 3 Israelis arrested (5/1/84) held in Syria. Israeli soldiers kill 1 and wound another suspected of planting roadside bomb south of Tyre.