Wednesday, May 9, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jerusalem's Palestinian theater and art complex Nuzha-al-Hakawati Center opens. Popular Gaza artist Fathi Ghabin sentenced to 6 mos. prison on charge of "incitement through his painting." Israeli police investigate complaint by prisoner Nasir Ibrahim of torture while imprisoned in Shefa 'Amr after arrest for demonstrating without permit during Shimon Peres visit to Kabul (4/8/84). In Bethlehem U. Student Council elections, Students' Progressive Front Bloc wins 8 seats, Youth Bloc wins 1. Jerusalem police arrest 4 American-Israeli Jews for planting at least a dozen booby-trapped grenades at churches, mosques and Arab homes in recent months; police announce these arrests wrap up "TNT" case investigations. In radio interview, Science & Development Min. Ne'eman says the 1980 car bombings of Palestinian mayors "had a positive effect." Herut elects Sharon to fourth-place position in party. 2 new settlements inaugurated: "Tel Haim" [see 3/29/30], and "Ma'aleh Levona" on Nablus-Ramallah road.

Other Countries: US State Dep't. spokesman indicates US will not support any resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon that does not also call for secure northern border for Israel. Simon Wiesenthaler Center in New York requests papacy investigate possible Catholic Church role in sheltering former Nazi Walter Rauff, after Israeli gov't. failure to extradite him from Chile.