Friday, May 18, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Palestinian Heritage Week festival exhibit destroyed in Bir Zeit U. fire; arson suspected. Israeli army denies any involvement in Ain al-Hilweh, S. Lebanon incidents (5/17/84).

Arab World: Muslim leaders march through Sabra refugee camp, protesting murder of Ain al-Hilweh refugees by Israeli-backed militia. Lebanon's PM Karami calls for united Lebanese effort to end Israeli occupation of S. Lebanon. Large rally held in Baalbek for Shi'ite soldiers, incuding Irani Revolutionary Guard. Thousands of Druze in Israeli-occupied Golan mark 40th anniversary of death of Nur al-Din Kanj Abu Salah, waving Syrian flags and shouting slogans of allegiance to Syria.

Other Countries: UN Security Council hears PLO complaint of Israeli attacks on S. Lebanon refugee camps in closed-door session. UNRWA spokesman in Vienna reports 1 killed, 20 injured in Israeli military operations in S. Lebanon refugee camp. Washington Post reports CIA director Casey allowed Israel access to sensitive satellite photographs. Pentagon officials confirm US & Israel working toward defense pact. Yeshiva U. Talmudic law prof. Rabbi Tendler decries arrests of Jewish terrorists and calls US Jews to their defense, claiming "a Jew . . . respects human life as no one else does." Fired from his Toronto congregation for denouncing Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Rabbi Slonim addresses Canadian Arab Federation, praying for better understanding between Arabs and Jews.