Sunday, May 27, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Ahmed Salem sentenced to 6 yrs. by Lydd military court for membership in illegal organization. Ministerial economic Com. approves 18% wage hike for regular army soldiers. High Court issues order nisi against Interior Minister's ban on Fr. Fawzi Khouri's travel (3/30/84).

Arab World: Israeli water company Mekorot announces to interrupt water supply to Golan settlements, retaliating for independent water collective set up by settlers. Archaeology Dep't. fences off Tal Balata land area east of Nablus for confiscation, including Haj Ma'zouz alMasri and Qadri Toukan schools with 1500 students each.

Military Action:

Occupied Palestinle/Israel: Over 22 dunums belonging to residents of Hableh, Tulkarm district set ablaze by unidentified arsonists. Secondary students from Raineh beaten by Israeli soldiers near Tel Aviv central bus station.

Arab World: 3 Israeli troops killed, 3 wounded in ambush at IDF patrol near Syrian-controlled area of Beqaa.