Monday, November 12, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gov't. orders Palestinian money-changers in Jerusalem stop trading in US dollars. Ramallah military court fines Fatmeh Ja'afari IS 20,000 for possessing "illegal literature" [purchased in Jerusalem]. DM Rabin meets with Mayor Freij, approves $700,000 Saudi grant for Bethlehem development projects. FM Shamir calls for creation of new UN including "only democratic countries." Nahal inaugurates 4 settlements: Rotem in Jordan Valley, Heahzut near Gush Etzion, Amitai & Ye'elon in Negev. Morechet Benyamin Co. dumps truckloads of rubble on jib village land, rendering it unusable for farming. FM Shamir expresses alarm to visiting US congressmen at apparent Jordanian-PLO rapprochement.

Arab World: PNC Chrmn. Khalid Fahoum declines to issue invitations to PNC mtg. called by Chrmn. Arafat pending further unity talks. Christians & Muslim unite in general strike through S. Lebanon to protest Israeli kidnapping of Amal Shi'ite leaders; Phalangist Joseph Ghanem sends letter of solidarity with demonstrators in Sidon.

Other Countries: 9th anniversary of UN resolution equating Zionism with racism. Special UN panel publicizes findings on Israeli activity in occupied territories; reports Israel continues to disregard Geneva Convention on civilian rights under occupation. In New York Federal Court, hearings begin for Ariel Sharon's libel suit against Time magazine.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Curfew imposed on Dheisheh camp after Border Policeman hit with thrown rock; boys' school raided by Border Police; area declared closed military zone.

Arab World: 2 Israeli soldiers wounded by light arms fire in Jibsheet; 2 wounded by RPG fire in Ghaziya village, S. Lebanon.

Other Countries: Bomb explodes in El AL office, Vienna; no injuries.