Monday, October 1, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dheisheh camp residents demonstrate & Nablus merchants strike in solidarity with Jnaid prison inmates on 12th day of their hunger strike. 45 Arab local councils and municipal workers strike over unpaid salaries owed by Israel.

Arab World: As Arab League chrmn., Morocco's King Hassan calls for summit mtg. on Jordan's new relations with Egypt. In speech before Jordan's parliament, King Hussein rejects peace talks as proposed by Israel, calls for UN-sponsored negotiations.

Other Countries: US-based AAI Corp. (div. of United Industries Corp.) agrees to produce & market in US remotely-piloted vehicles (RPVs) Mastiff &Scout made by Israeli cos. Tadiran & Israel Aircraft Industries. 100-mm. guns made by Israel displayed atop Chinese Type 69 tanks in Peking military parade.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dheisheh camp youths throw stones at Israeli vehicles, smash 1 bus window. Police detain 4 Kach members attempting to enter Dheisheh after curfew.