Thursday, October 4, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: General strike observed in E. Jerusalem in solidarity with Jnaid prison inmates' protest against deplorable conditions; prisoners suspend strike after police chief Bar Lev visits, promising improved conditions. 3-day curfew lifted at Dheisheh camp. Israel gov't. bans import of cars and 50 other luxury items for 6 mos. Bank Leumi reports $55 million profit for 1st half of 1984, but assets dropped $70 million; Bank Hapoalim reports $36 million profit, $1 billion drop in assets; Discount Bank gains $2.6 million profit, loses $70 million in assets United Mizrachi gains $1.58 million, largely by sale of assets, which rose by $400 million in Jan.-June 1984.

Other Countries: Austrian FM Gratz's courtesy visit to New York Mayor Koch reportedly turns into debate over policy toward PLO.

Military Action

Arab World: Roadside bomb discovered near SLA Gen. Lahd's HQ.

Other Countries: Bomb-laden car explodes near Israeli embassy housing in Nicosia; 1 injured; 1 Iraqi & 1 Yemeni arrested as suspects.