Monday, October 15, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Central Bureau of Statistics reports cost-of-living index soared by 21.4% in Sept., 450% over past 12 mos., and estimates 1984 inflation rate at 900-1, 300%. 12 members of Israeli Com. for Solidarity with Bir Zeit U. arrested in 2 days demonstrating against settler harassment at Dheisheh camp.

Arab World: Shi'ites celebrate feast of Ashoura. IDF/Gen. Lahd announce pardon for SLA members who killed & injured Sohmor civilians (9/20).

Other Countries: US offers Irael deferment until March of $500 million in military procurement loans now due. US reaffirms its aversion to role as mediator in IDF S. Lebanon withdrawal talks. Syrian Pres. Assad arrives in Moscow for 3-day talks with Pres. Chemenko.

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: 6 Petah Tikva schoolchildren injured as time bomb explodes near their bus north of Nablus.

Arab World: Lebanese resistance fighters attack IDF patrols near Nabatiya, near Sarafand & in Zahrani region.