Wednesday, August 7, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman denies Israel "has directly sold weapons to the Contras or has given any direct assistance" [FT 8/8, JTA 8/9]. British Foreign Office announces it "regrets" Israel's new security measures [JP 8/8]. Israeli authorities detain 3 West Bankers suspected of throwing petrol bombs at border police patrol 8/4. Army spokesman said the 3 confessed to that and other gasoline bomb attacks [JP 8/8]. Local councils of developmentowns decide to co-opt settlements' local councils by giving them full membership in the Union of Local Councils. Move is designed to increase lobbying power of the development towns [JP 8/8]. Israeli religious schools are instructed by religious education division of the Ministry of Educationot to conduct meetings between Israelis and Palestinians because they may lead to intermarriage [JTA 8/8].

Arab World: Arab summit conference in Casablanca dispenses with principle of unanimity. Libya withdraws itrepresentation from the conference [WP, LAT 8/8]. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein decides at the last minute not to attend [LAT 8/8]. Lebanese President Amin Jumayyil says he supports his Muslim opponents' demand for greater power; blames country's 10- year-old civil war on the Palestinians [FT 8/7].

Military Action

Arab World: A grenade thrown at a SLA post in security zone kills one SLA soldier [JTA 8/9]