Friday, August 9, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Al-Fajr English weekly reports 34 faculty and administration of Islamic U. in Gaza, including the president, were forced to leave the country last week after university rejected conditions placed on issuing work permits which would have allowed military interference in university affairs [FJ 8/9]. Israeli Defense Ministry sources state decision to expel 22 ex-prisoners released in the 5/20 prisoner exchange is not act of deportation. The 22 are part of group of 31 prisoners allowed to stay in occupied territories pending determination of right of residency: 22 have been found to be non-resident [JP 8/11]. The Jewish-Arab Committee for Jaffa begins a week-long work camp to improve conditions in the Palestinian sector of Jaffa, which residents claim municipality wants to tum into fashionable Israeli neighborhood [JP 8/7].

Arab World: Arab summit in Casablanca ends by "noting" the joint Palestinian-Jordanian accord outlining a joint effort for negotiations with Israel; does not endorse the accord [WP, NYT 8/10]. No agreement is reached on issue of recent attacks on Palestinian camps in Beirut [LAT 8/10].

Military Action

Arab World: Fighting breaks out along the green line separating east and west Beirut, killing 6 [NYT 8/10].