Sunday, August 25, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli military forces destroy homes of 2 suspected members of underground resistance cell allegedly uncovered in the West Bank village of Anabta. A third home is sealed. Military sources claim cell has been active since 1983, men were responsible for 2 shooting incidents involving a military jeep and a bus in which 2 people were wounded [JP 8/25]. Deputy P. M. David Levy and Trade and Industry Minister Ariel Sharon call for capital punishment in cases of politically motivated attacks resulting in murder, and deportation for Palestinians suspected of inciting anti-Israeli violence [PI 8/26]. Israel and Egypt initial agreement to further tourist traffic between the two [JTA 8/26].

Military Action

Arab World: Third katyusha in 48 hours lands inside Galilee panhandle, causing no injuries or damage [JP 8/26]. Artillery barrages break shaky Syrian-sponsored ceasefire in Beirut [PI 8/26].