Saturday, December 7, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Communist party concludes 20th conference, approves political program calling for full equality between Arabs and Jews in Israel, just and durable solution to Palestinian question, peace and nuclear disarmament in the world [FJ 12/13].

Arab World:- Dr. Baha' al-Din Muhammad Idris, right-hand man to former Sudanese Pres. Numayri, is found guilty of charges including sabotaging the national economy and breaking Arab boycott of Israel in trial for "Operation Moses" airlift; he is sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, fined 5 million Sudanese pounds [LT 12/9].

Other Countries: UN General Assembly votes 118-1 on resolution condemning all acts of terrorism as criminal; Cuba is the only dissenter [WP 12/8; CT 12/10].