Thursday, January 31, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Central Bureau of Statistics announces Arab residents now outnumber Jews in Galilee district [1st time since 1948] [JW 2/1]. W. Bank settlers threaten vigilante action unless security forces half attacks on settlers [NYT 2/3]. Local councils of Sakhnin, 'Arrabeh, Deir Hanna strike to protest recent attempts to seize agricultural land in al-Mill (Area 9) [FJ 2/1].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Sttler injured 1/25 by gasoline bomb dies of wounds [JP 2/1]. Similar bomb thrown at Nablus office of Bank Leumi; no injuries [JP 2/1]. Military court in Ramallah sentences 2 teenagers to 7 and 8-year prison sentences respectively for throwing gasoline bombs last October; no damage or injuries had occurred [LAT 2/9].

Arab World: Action in S. Lebanon: reports indicate pro-Syrian Palestinian commandos entering Kharroub region near Sidon, preparing to enter refugee camps subsequent to IDF withdrawal [PI 1/31]. Antitank missile fired at IDF liaison unit HQ in Nabatiya; no injuries. Bomb explodes near Border Police patrol in vicinity of al-Qalila [JP 2/1].