Monday, July 22, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jewish underground defendants sentenced, ending thirteen-month trial: 3 get life sentences for murder, other 12 get terms ranging from 4 months to 7 years [NYT, WP 7/23]. Sentences include time already served and all convicted are likely to get one-third off for good behavior [JP 7/23]. Mayor Meir Nitzan of Rishon Lezion tells press conference his town has been targeting Palestinians for firing first over past 2 years, dismissing 71; he cites Jewish law as rationale [JP 7/23].

Arab World: Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal Hasan 'Ali states increased Soviet Jewish emigration to Israel could hamper peace process by contributing to settlement in the occupied territories [MG 7/23]. Foreign Min. Shamir pledges to continue contacts with Soviets [JTA 7/22].

Military Action

Arab World: Gunfire breaks out between Finnish UNIFIL soldiers and SLA troops when three SLA soldiers refuse to submit to searches at UNIFIL roadblock near Barajit [JP 7/23].

Other Countries: Bombs explode in Copenhagen synagogue and U.S. Northwest Orient airline office, injuring 27; Islamic Jihad claims responsibility, says was in retaliation for recent Israeli raid on Lebanese village of Qabrikha [NYT 7/23].