Tuesday, June 4, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli health officials confiscate and destroy Arab-produced "Jneidi" brand dairy productsold in East Jerusalem saying producers did not have permits and products "may be hazardous to health" [FJ 6/14].

Arab World: PLO says 700 Palestinians were arrested in Syria for protesting violence in Lebanese camps. At least 30 killed at Sabra, still under seige. Shi'a bulldoze camp buildings. In Beirut, 3 Palestinian factions issue joint appeal for unity: PFLP, Fateh, and Palestine Communist Party.

Other Countries: U.S. Senators Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and John Heinz (R-Penn.) introduce nonbinding resolution (with 69 backers) opposing arms sales to Jordan until Jordan opens direct negotiations with Israel. Reagan administration calls measure "a serious mistake." U.S. wants to provide Jordan with $300 million in military credits to allow it to buy 54 F-20 fighter planes and two advanced anti-aircraft defense systems. Agreement was made in 1981. U.S. sees Jordan threatened by Syria.