Wednesday, May 22, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In interview, US Ambassador Samuel Lewis states Cabinet Min. Ariel Sharon briefed US special envoy Philip Habib on IDF plans to drive PLO from Lebanon months before actual invasion [WP 5/24]. Police arrest Musa Adawi [released 5/20 during prisoner exchange] for "incitement" [JP 5/27].

Arab World: Syria accuses Chmn. Arafat of provoking Shi'ite-Palestinian battle in Beirut [NYT 5/23]. In Amman, Chmn. Arafat calls for intervention of UN Sec. Council in Beirut fighting [LT 5/23]. Fateh Deputy-in-Command Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad) asserts Israel, PLO negotiating another release of Palestinian prisoners in return for bodies of IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon [FT 5/23].

Military Action

Arab World: Action in Lebanon: Palestinian fighters fire Katyusha rockets into Shi'ite areas S. of Beirut to relieve Amal's seige of Palestinian camps in Beirut; 34 killed in continuing battle [NYT 5/23, 24]. Shi'ite forces storm Gaza Hospital in Shatila camp, kill 25 patients [LT 5/26, NYT 5/27]. IDF evacuate Kafr Huna, Rihan, Mashghara, 'Aisheh, Farara [JP 5/23].