Wednesday, October 23, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Ariel Sharon states in TV interview that P.M. Shimon Peres has been holding "more than (secret) contacts" with Jordanian, Palestinian, and U.S. leaders and has been holding actual "talks"; Sharon claims Peres should have reported this "process" to the government [JP 10/24]. P.M. Shimon Peres meetsecretly with Sri Lankan P.M. Jayawardene in Paris; there are no diplomatic relations between 2 countries, but 15-year-old trade ban between 2 countries was lifted this July, Israel has trained Sri Lankan police in "anti-terrorist" techniques [JP 10/29]

Arab World: PLO headquarters in Tunis condemns Israel's proposals for direct negotiations with Jordan, says PLO involvement is necessary for peace in the M. E. [PI 10/24]. King Hussein welcomes the "spirit" of Peres' 10/21 negotiations proposal at the UN although says it did not "meet the needs of the moment" [NYT 10/24].

Other Countries: Pres. Reagan, facing overwhelming congressional pressure, endorses resolution barring arms sale to Jordan until 1 March 1986 unless Jordan begins "direct and meaningful peace negotiations" with Israel before then [NYT, WP, LAT, BG 10/24]. Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports Canada has refused to grant entry visa to MK Meir Kahane, who is in U.S. on fund-raising tour [JTA 10/24].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Two bombs explode in market in Afula, injuring 5Israelis including a baby; 80 Palestinians are rounded up for questioning. Bombs are the 3rd and 4th in 4 days inside the green line [WP, JTA 10/24].