Saturday, April 5, 1986


Arab World: Saudi Arabia has given $28.5 million to the PLO, believed to be a quarter of the $114 million earmarked for the PLO for this year [JDW 4/5]. Former first vice president of the Sudanese government under Pres. Numayri, Maj. Gen. 'Umar Muhammad al-Tayyib, is sentenced to 2, 30-year jail terms for his role in airlifting Ethiopian Jews out of Sudan to Israel [NYT 4/6; LT 4/7].

Other Countries: U.S. Vice Pres. George Bush arrives in Saudi Arabia for start of 8-day, 4-country tour aimed largely at demonstrating continuing U.S. commitment to Arab states of the Persian Gulf; Bush promises U.S. arms to Saudi leaders [WP, NYT 4/6].