Tuesday, April 8, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Peres states in keynote speech opening Labor party convention that Israel recognizes the Palestinians "as a nation," states Israel is trying to "create interim conditions for an interim arrangement" in the occupied territories until their final status is resolved [DT 4/10]. Egyptian delegation headed by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Butrus-Ghali attends the convention, as well as delegations from 20 other countries [JP 4/9].

Arab World: Former chief of intelligence for the PLO, 'Atallah 'Atallah (Abu Za'im), is reported to have been touring Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan delivering speeches critical of policies of Yasir Arafat and blaming him for the collapse of dialogue with King Hussein; Abu Za'im's statements have been given front-page coverage in Amman [JP 4/8; NYT 4/9]. Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Abba Eban arrives in Cairo for a visit [JP 4/9].

Other Countries: U.S. Asst. Sec. of State Richard Murphy, originally scheduled to accompany Vice Pres. George Bush on his M.E. tour, stops instead in Cairo and then proceeds to Israel; Bush tells press conference Murphy is investigating a new peace initiative [LAT, BG 4/9].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Firebomb is thrown at bus on northern edge of Jerusalem, injuring 9 Israeli passengers; police detain 17 Palestinians for questioning [LAT, WP 4/9]. A bomb explodes in Afula, injuring a soldier; WAFA, the Palestine News Agency, states the PLO is responsible for placing the bomb [WP, LAT 4/9].

Arab World: Suicide bomber drives car into checkpoint near Hasbayya, at edge of Israeli-declared "security zone," killing himself and injuring 3 SLA militiamen and 3 civilians; the pro-Syrian Lebanese Ba'th party claims responsibility [WP, NYT 4/9]. Car bomb in Christian port city of Juniyah kills 10, injures over 100; no one claims responsibility [WP, NYT 4/9].