Wednesday, April 16, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel has quietly moved hundreds of Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to the West Bank, despite U.S. opposition [PI 4/16]. Israeli military authorities order Hebron Polytechnic closed for 2 weeks following riots at the campus on 4/14 [FJ 4/18]. Foreign Minister Shamir states P.M. Peres spoke as the leader of the Labor party, and not as the leader of the country, when he last week called for recognition of the Palestinian nation [JP 4/17]. Students at al-Najah U. protest U.S. attack on Libya; Palestinian students at Ben-Gurion U. in Beersheba and Hebrew U. in Jerusalem also protest the attack [JP 4/17; FJ 4/18].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: In al-Birah, an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian running away from a bus at which he is said to have thrown something [JP 4/17]. West German tourist isshot and injured by unidentified gunman in Jerusalem's Old City [JP 4/17].