Sunday, April 27, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gaza resident and ex-political prisoner Zaki Statiyyah, from Jabaliyyah refugee camp, is deported to Jordan, bringing total of Palestinians deported from the occupied territories since the onset of the "iron fist" policies last August to 34 [FJ 5/2]. Over 5,000 Israeli supporters of Gush Emunim stream into Hebron for a mass visit to the city; the visits are in the guise of Passover "tours" of Jewish sites and coincide with the 18th anniversary of the first Jewish "settlement" in Hebron during Passover week of 1968 when Rabbi Moshe Levinger brought a small group ostensibly for aseder in a hotel and then stayed, defying the government to evict them [JTA 4/28].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: British tourist Paul Appleby is shot dead outside the Garden Tomb in East Jerusalem [NYT, WP 4/28].